Fortnite update – Vehicles boost? This could prove big Battle Royale feature IS coming

players have long held out hope that vehicles will be making its way to on PS4, Xbox One and PCs.

Rumours of Fortnite taking a leaf out of its big rival PUBG and adding vehicles have long circulated around the game.

Vehicles play a major part in Battlegrounds, so it’s not surprising fans hope Epic Games will add a similar feature to Fortnite.

These rumours gathered pace when Epic Games said in a blog post they were looking into adding vehicles to Fortnite.

Back when Fortnite Battle Royale was first launched last September, the Fortnite team said they had even created prototypes for vehicle.

However, in the aftermath there was radio silence, with fans for a long time having no word on a potential vehicles update for Fortnite.

In January this year though, the Fortnite team gave a vehicles update to and explained how the feature might work in Battle Royale.

Eric Williamson, Fortnite’s Lead Systems Designer, told us: “We’ve heard a few people ask about vehicles, yeah.

“There have been plenty of conversations about how they can fit into the game.

“Right now we don’t see them as a necessity, but rather as an opportunity.”

Eric added: “What I mean by that is, our travel distances aren’t so long that vehicles are required.

“So if we do add them, it will be for fun and unique situational strategies.”

And now Fortnite fans may have got their biggest hint yet that vehicles will be added to the hit PS4, Xbox One and PC game.

Epic Games recently rolled out , which brought with it 30 extra tiers of loot and the new weekly challenges.

And inside files added to the game recently there was a hint Epic Games could soon roll out a vehicles update.

Fortnite INTEL reported that a ‘DrivableVehicles’ folder has recently been added to the Athena directory, which is where Battle Royale files are stored.

Located inside this folder are files for the shopping carts which have been appearing at many points of interest since the season 3 update.

On the eastern side of the map, four of these shopping carts are lined up at a ‘racetrack’ – hinting they are ready to be used soon for races.

As Epic Games told, the Fortnite team were looking at ‘vehicles’ for “fun and unique situational strategies”.

A shopping cart would seem to fit with this line of thinking, as does the recently added hoverboard item for .

Epic Games are also working on a jetpack for Battle Royale, which has had its launch delayed.

Hoverboards, jetpacks and shopping carts are a far cry from PUBG’s motorbikes, vans and pickups.

However, as Williamson explained, the travel distances on Fortnite’s map means the game doesn’t need such powerful, speedy vehicles.

And the way Epic Games looks to be approaching ‘vehicles’ means Fortnite fans could be getting some truly surprising additions to the game.

What would types of vehicles would you like to see in Fortnite? A push-bike? A scooter?

Or maybe something a bit silly like a unicycle or penny-farthing?

Sound off in the comments below about what type of vehicles you would like to see added to Fortnite.

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