Darkest Hour 2: Gary Oldman considering Winston Churchill RETURN for sequel and stage play

The 59-year-old actor looks almost certain to win the Best Actor Oscar at the 90th Academy Awards on Sunday evening.

Oldman portrayed Sir Winston Churchill in Darkest Hour, garnering large critical acclaim for his performance.

Covering just a few weeks in 1940, there is still much of the World War II primer minister’s life that could be explored and Oldman is certainly open to at least two other projects.

According to , the actor is adapting a short story by Churchill – based on a dream he had – into a play and is interested in a film sequel to Darkest Hour, set in 1945 at the end of the war.

On the play, Oldman said: “It’s [about] the ghost of his father, Randolph, who visits him in his studio at Chartwell [Churchill’s country residence].

“It’s two people, not an expensive thing to do. It might be something I’ll try and get on its feet.

“I long to go back [to the stage]. It’ll be quite terrifying, I’m sure, after 20 years.”

On a follow-up to Darkest Hour, the actor continued: “There could be [a sequel] because at the end of the war, there’s the summit with Stalin and [Roosevelt].”

He added: “Roosevelt’s a great character; he’s on his way out. So maybe.

“[But] I need a break from the makeup chair.”