Saint Lucia: Top 10 facts about this Caribbean island

1. Saint Lucia is the only country in the world named after a woman.

2. It was named after St Lucy of Syracuse by shipwrecked French sailors in the 16th century, said to have landed there on St Lucy’s day, December 13 (year unknown). 

3. In 1664, a British force of 1,000 men seized Saint Lucia. 

Within two years most had died of disease. 

4. In the 18th and 19th centuries, it changed hands many times between the UK and France.  

5. The song Santa Lucia was written in praise of Santa Lucia Bay in Naples, not Santa Lucia island. 

6. St Lucy is a patron saint of those suffering from bleeding disorders, lawyers, writers, seamstresses and poor people as well as the island itself. 

7. Two Nobel Prizes have been awarded to people from Saint Lucia: Derek Walcott (Literature) and W Arthur Lewis (Economics). 

8. These two awards see Saint Lucia lead the table of Nobel Laureates per head of population. 

9. Appropriately enough for an island, “Saint Lucia” is an anagram of “is nautical”. 

10. Around 65 per cent of Saint Lucia’s economy is from tourism. 

Bananas are the largest export.