North Korea THREAT: Otto Warmbier’s parents warn about what Kim will ‘do to the world’

Otto died after being released as a prisoner with questionable conditions from after he was arrested for being accused of stealing propaganda material in 2016. 

The United States student was sentenced to 15 years of hard labour and was accused of going to a staff-only floor in his Pyongyang hotel and taking down a poster lauding Kim’s regime.

Father of Otto, Fred Warmbier, warned the world about what would try to do to the globe after his son died soon after his return, sparking World War 3 fears.

Speaking at a Geneva Summit, he said: “I think what makes this so compelling to the world is the Kim family, they chose to do this. 

“They used Otto as a pawn and a hostage and they did this in front of the world, it was on TV to show everyone. 

“They show everyone pushing him and this is there message that if they do this to Otto, imagine what they will do to their citizens, imagine what they intend to do to the rest of the world. 

“They held our family hostage for a year and a half and this is exactly what they are doing to the international community right now. 

“And it was tragic being in South Korea and talking to the South Koreans and in the back of their mind, the fear they would talk about of North Korea, they were saying ‘what if they do this what if they do that’.

“It’s tragic. North Korea do not deserve this respect, they didn’t deserve to be in the same room as Otto.” 

Fred Warmbier said that defectors they met in South Korea were simply calling for Kim Jong-un to be “killed”.

Otto’s mother, Cindy Warmbier also claimed North Korea was the worst regime around for what they did to her son.   

Fred Warmbier believes his son was tortured during his time as a prisoner in North Korea, but the regime claimed he suffered from food poisoning. 

Both of Otto’s parents travelled with the US Vice President Mike Pence to the Winter Games in South Korea. 

The news agency KCNA said: “The United States is again kicking up a defamation campaign against the DPRK, intentionally attributing Warmbier’s death to the latter.”

The American prisoner fell into a coma and he died six days after he was medically evacuated to the US.

The causes of the brain injury he sustained remains a mystery despite medical examinations. President has said that “Otto was tortured beyond belief by North Korea”.