PUBG update: Roadmap delayed, as Bluehole reveals patch notes for HUGE gameplay changes

PUBG Battlegrounds is getting another major update to improve gameplay performance.

The new Battlegrounds update, which is about to enter testing, will change the way matches begin.

As such, players will no longer be able to see inside the plane when games start. This will improve the early game client and server performance.

Bluehole is also adding a new display to monitor remaining players when riding the plane.

Fans can also expect lots of bug fixes, while certain Miramar fences have been changed to unbreakable walls.

The studio is also working on a new method of splitting players based on their ping levels.

Players with lower ping – and therefore less likely to experience lag – will now be prioritised in matchmaking.

Unfortunately, however, the recently announced . Bluehole will now reveal its development plans for early 2018 in March.

On the plus side, the developer is working on a new map, which is expected to launch this summer.

Bluehole explains more in a new blog post: “In December 2017, we announced that we were considering introducing a maximum ping limit to improve the game environment for our players.

“This update has been delayed as the team’s resources were focused on cheat blocking and prevention.

“PUBG is now introducing an experimental method that we hope will get even better results than the one we were considering before.

“Unlike the method considered earlier, we are going to divide the matching pool depending on ping.

“This means that the users with lower pings will be prioritized during matchmaking. The team is expecting to improve the overall play experience by splitting the matching pool rather than restricting connection depending on ping. Preparations are underway to test this method in some regions, with first trials planned to start this week. Specific dates will be shared when ready.”

In the meantime, Bluehole has released patch notes for the latest update:


  • Replaced some fences in Miramar to unbreakable fences or walls in order to optimize the client.


  • When the player is riding in the airplane, they will no longer be able to see the inside of the airplane. This is to improve the early game client and server performance
  • Other players will be visible once they jump out of the airplane
  • When riding the airplane, you can check the number of remaining passengers via the new UI element at the bottom left of the screen


  • When reporting someone through the replay system, we now receive a 1 minute replay file centered on the point of your report
  • It is impossible to report through a replay file which has been created longer than a week ago
  • It is impossible to report the same player multiple times in the same replay file

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue where the player would die from falling when vaulting and climbing
  • Fixed the issue where after reconnecting to the game, the player would get a glitched view when using ADS on their weapon
  • Fixed the issue where the player didn’t receive any damage after entering a vehicle from a prone position and then exiting while the vehicle was moving
  • Fixed the issue where after entering the vehicle (passenger seat) from prone position and using heal/boost items, the player was shown using the items in prone position instead of sitting down


  • Made changes to prevent the reduced heal/boost time cheat