James Bond: Spectre star Monica Bellucci reveals what Daniel Craig is REALLY like on set

The 53-year-old left fans shaken and stirred after her couple of scenes with Craig in the latest James Bond movie.

But being such a megastar, what is the incumbent 007 really like on a personal level?

According to Entertainment Inquirer, Monica revealed he’s actually rather shy, but she appreciates that.

The Italian actress said: “He’s in movies, but he also did amazing intimate films. He’s very polite.”

, continued: “He has this masculinity and, at the same time, he’s very shy. I like that very much.”

Her words echo that of Donald Mowat, Craig’s personal makeup artist,

Having been alongside the 49-year-old star on number of films, he said: “He’s just a remarkable man. 

“We do have a great friendship and I think a tremendous connection. I just so enjoy working with him, he’s really I lovely person.”

Mowat added: “It really was tremendous [working with him on Skyfall and Spectre]. I think he and I have a unique connection and share a lot of interests and similarities. 

“It’s a really great working relationship because he really just lets me do what I do and it fits; it works.”