Winter Olympics 2018: Google Doodle celebrates Valentines Day with cute ice-skating birds

Google Doodle has been coming up with adorable illustrations of animals ever since the Olympic Winter Games 2018 began on February 9.

But today, Google Doodle outdid itself with this sweet video of two lovebirds that celebrates both the PyeongChang Games as well as Valentine’s Day 2018.

The quaint illustration shows the two lovebirds, named the Grebes, taking part in a couple’s figure skating competition. 

The story tells of how the couple have been skating together since they were tiny chicks, as they move in perfect synchronisation on the ice.

The lovebirds glide across the ice together, carving a perfect heart as they move in time with one-another displaying perfect jumps and lifts.

“The Grebes must be flying high in the moment. They appear to be winging it, as one Grebe ducks under the other. The crowd’s got goosebumps — they’ve never seen anything so beautiful!”

“They all watch over the Grebes like hawks as the couple appears to be going for the never-before-seen wing-to-wing lift — will they make it?…

“Yes folks, it looks like these great Grebes grab glory today! Birds of a feather skate together, and these graceful Grebes have shown that two can be even better than one.”

And in an adorable ending, the pair of lovebirds cuddle up as a cute red heart appears in the sky above them.

The Grebes are the sixth in a series of 17 doodles from the Winter Olympics series. 

On February 9, the doodle began with a sledging penguin and has moved on to include a skiing dog, Magpie the turtle and an ice-skating snake.

But the Grebes are here today to celebrate Valentine’s Day with lovers from around the world.

February 14 is the official day of love and romance, observed worldwide by couples and cupids.

Despite this, the origin and history of the festival – also known as Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine – is surprisingly sad.

Historians tell us that Valentine’s Day started as a Western Christian feast day in honour of early Christians who were martyred.

Although there are several early saints called Valentine, the day is thought to be name after a priest killed in the third century.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated in many different countries including the US, UK, Canada, India and Australia.

Nowadays it is common to send greeting cards, chocolates, flowers and teddies as an expression of romance and love on February 14.

While the majority of people observe this date, it is also celebrated by Eastern Orthodox religion but on July 6 or July 30.