I fell down some stairs and now I’m playing Final Fantasy XV on my phone – CNET

Square Enix

My name is Sean, and last week, I fell down some stairs and messed up my leg. Then this happened:

(Spoiler alert — A whole lot of Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition)

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition’s intro cutscene was over before I got called in for X-rays, leaving me with nothing to do but tweet about it.

I wasn’t completely sold, but the PlayStation 4 version of the game had dug its hooks in me so deep that it actually tricked me into buying Cup Noodles. Damn product placement. Damn nostalgia. Damn it all: I just had to keep playing.

At least the first taste (no, not of the noodles) is free.

I can’t decide on my own. Please help.

My leg is fine, by the way. Mostly.