Friends movie: Could THIS be the plot of a long-awaited big screen reunion?

The stars of the sitcom have consistently shut down any talk of a new film, despite Jennifer Aniston appearing to give a flicker of hope late last month.

When a fake fan-made trailer for a film went viral, interest was certainly renewed – and now a Reddit user has come up with a viable plot line.

User krstyan wrote: “They should make a Friends movie and the plot would revolve around Joey finally getting married.

“I always thought there’s no story to tell if they ever made a movie, but this actually makes sense, at least to me. It’s a reason to put all 6 of them in the same plot with the possibility of hilarious scenes.”

The added jokily: “I actually hate that I thought of a logical scenario for a movie plot, knowing that it will never happen…

The idea soon gained traction on the Friends subreddit, but one person pointed out a very valid reason against putting the iconic sitcom on the big screen.

“The one thing that would be weird with a Friends movie is the lack of laugh track,” AaronianKenrod said. 

“The humour was kinda built on the ability to pause for audience effect, and if they did a movie without it the timing would be different. Not to say impossible, but different. 

“On the other hand, are there any movies with laugh tracks?”

The fake trailer caught so much attention earlier this year that Lisa Kudrow even ended up giving her verdict on it, and said any further stories involving the six characters would just be “sad”.

All ten seasons of the comedy finally hit Netflix in the UK over Christmas.