Diabetes type 2: Woman CURED condition and lost four and a half stone with this diet

Diabetes type 2 is caused by the pancreas not producing enough insulin, or the body not properly reacting to the hormone.

The lack of insulin means glucose stays in the blood, and isn’t converted into energy.

Symptoms of the condition can include passing more urine than usual, feeling very tired, and unexplained weight loss.

Type 2 diabetes patient Gillian Crowe, 62, stopped taking her medication, after losing 30kg with this diet.

Crowe was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in June 2017. She also suffers from psoriatic arthritis and osteoarthritis.

She was showing signs of diabetes before the diagnosis – including hot flushes, extreme thirst and a frequent need to urinate.

After being “horrified” by the diagnosis, she joined Diabetes.co.uk’s Low Carb Program.

Crowe has now lost four stone and seven pounds since her heaviest weight.

The plan addresses three sources of sugar in the diet. That includes natural sources – fruit and honey – or sugars added to products. It also includes sugar from digesting carbohydrates.

It’s available to download on smartphones, and is personalised for every single patient.

The Low Carb Program’s creator, Arjun Panesar, said: “The Low Carb Program is demonstrating that it is possible to place type 2 diabetes into remission using a nutrition focused approach.

“Most people who complete the program improve their blood glucose levels, sustainably lose weight and reduce their dependency on medication.”

Since starting the diet plan, Crowe’s cholesterol and blood fat levels have returned to normal, without the use of statins.

She’s completely come off her metformin, and still enjoys long walks most days.

You could prevent type 2 diabetes by eating a healthy, balanced diet.

Losing weight, if you’re overweight, and cutting back on alcohol could also lower your risk of the condition.