Interior Design expert and Creative Director Audrey Margarite reveals 5 hacks to making the most of any tiny living space

The irony of downsizing your living space is that even though the physical space you’ll be occupying will be much smaller, the stress and anxiety of figuring out what to put in that space seems to be larger.

Whether you’re trying to live a life of minimalism, trying to save money or are just plain curious about the options that a smaller space might provide, figuring how to make a tiny space both functional and aesthetically appealing can be quite a challenge.

So how do you hack making a smaller living space work for you?

Ford Motors Company recently held the first-ever Life Hack Academy Live in order to answer that question exactly.

The event was put on in support of Ford’s new Ecosport (a car full of features that make your life easier, which will be in dealerships in February) and featured experts across all fields (fitness, travel, cooking — you name it) who gave seminars and their best tips on making all areas of your life just plain simpler.

We stopped by to chat with Audrey Margarite, Creative Director at Bunny Williams Home, to chat about the current trend of downsizing:

“I think people are just examining their lives and really thinking about what’s important to them and how much excess there is. I think that with the trend of ‘fast-fashion’, you can also see that in interior design as well, with ‘fast-furniture’ … examining what you don’t need in your life is a really crucial part to that. But also, really thinking about quality over quantity is a great way to minimize as well.”

She shared her top tips for making the most of small living spaces — everything from must-have buys to how to make any room look bigger.

Here were Audrey’s five best hacks: