California torture family: Did drinking and gambling send Turpins off the rails?

Louise Anna Turpin, 49, was allegedly kidnapped from school by her now husband David when she was just 16 and he was aged 24, her sister previously claimed.

She made it 1,000 miles to Texas before they were stopped by police, but the pair later married in a small intimate service in Princeton, with just the two families.

Louise the became more and more isolated from her family as she and her husband moved across the country, from home to home with the kids in tow.

But two weeks ago she was revealed to be behind a terrifying ‘House of House’ after her 13 children with husband David Allen were found shackled inside their California home, following years of sick abuse.

Now her sister Teresa Robinette worries her sibling’s seemingly perfect life all went wrong when she decided to “cut loose” in a mid-life crisis as she started drinking and gambling.

Teresa said: “Louise had never drunk a beer or smoked a cigarette or done a drug or anything like that in her whole life.

“Then one day, just as she was turning 40 she called and told me that she and David were going to have a drink.

“When I spoke with her later that night she was drunk for the first time in her life. I was in shock.”

The divorced mother says she’s worried the horrific abuse inflicted on their children could all be caused by the couple’s late experimentation, as they tried new things they had never experienced as teens.

She said: “At that same time she started gambling, she started taking trips down to Vegas and she got a totally different hairstyle — dramatically different.

“Getting drunk or going to Vegas, they just didn’t do that sort of thing and once they started experimenting I wonder — and I have battled with this ever since I found out what had happened — is that what started this?

“Did she and David get into something? Did they get into some kind of crazy religion? Or did they get into something that messed up their minds? I don’t know.”

Her brother Billy, 30, says his siblings have faced harsh criticism online for not stopping the torture that played out over the years.

But he claims there was nothing they could have done, as Louise increasingly isolated herself from the rest of the family.

Teresa, who went on a trip to visit her sister when the couple lived in Brea, California, more than 20 years ago, said she saw no signs of abuse.

She added: “We rode a train out there cross country,’ she said. ‘It was so cool. David and Louise were there to meet us at the station and she took us to her house. It was very clean and very well kept.

“She took us to Disneyland while we were there. We went to Universal Studios, we went to the old Movieland Wax Museum.

“We saw the Hollywood sign and the world’s biggest tree with a tunnel cut through it. It was a trip I will never forget, it was the highlight of my life.

“I know that when they took the children out, they would dress them all alike, and they would all walk in a straight line — they were like a school rather than a family.

“But I just thought she was overly strict with them.”

David and Louise Turpin each face 75 counts including torture, false imprisonment, child abuse and abuse of dependent adults. David Turpin also faces a charge of lewd acts with a minor. 

They are each being held on $13 million bail and deny all charges.