eBay: Rare £1 coin – new 12-sided trial coins sold for a whopping £500 on auction site

EBay is home to many unique finds and is a treasure trove for rare coin collectors.

Versions of a rare trial coin for the new £1 are selling on the site for large sums, and one has sold recently for £500. 

The coin was purchased on January 11, 2017, for £479 plus £12.95 postage and packaging from a seller in Ashford, UK.

The 2015 trial coins were created to test the 12 sided design for the new £1 coin.

They are created for various reasons, including making sure the coin is structurally sound.

It makes sure the coin fits safely together and that the metal dies work correctly, as well as make sure the coin works commercially.

When a new coin such as this is created many factors have to be taken into account to make the new currency workable.

This includes making sure coins work in types of machinery such as stills and ticket machines. 

However, despite these coins selling for huge sums, Royal Mint insists all copies of the coins should be returned.

They told Chards.co.uk: “These samples have been issued under strict ‘terms and conditions’ and remain the property of the Royal Mint at all times.

“Unfortunately, we are aware that some samples have been listed on auction sites, however, as per the terms and conditions agreed to by stakeholders at the point of purchase, samples should be returned to The Royal Mint.”

A rare 50p coin is selling for £100 on eBay with a bid already put in for it. 

The Beatrix Potter coins were created last year to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the author’s birth.

Known for the beloved characters of Peter Rabbit, the coin shows the famous character on the front in silver whilst clutching his chest in the headshot.

A rare new £5 note is also selling for a large sum of £195,000.

The listing reads: “Genuine and very rare special polymer AK47 pound note.

“Highly Desirable and Well Sought After Collectors Item. Graded 100%. Uncirculated, In Excellent Good Clean Condition.”