How to create Best Nine of 2017 on Instagram

Instagram has had a phenomenal year.

The photo-sharing social network now boasts an impressive 800 million active monthly users.

Instagram also introduced a number of new features over the last 12 months, including the ability to follow individual hashtags, like users.

It also rolled-out a number of new effects within its popular Instagram Stories feature.

But one of the most popular trends on Instagram at the moment – Best Nine Of 2017 – is not native to the app.

The popular trend sees Instagram users look back at the highlights of their year by putting together a montage of their most liked snaps of the last 12 months.

Users across the Facebook-owned social network are sharing their “#bestnine2017” collages to celebrate the end of 2017. Even celebrities have got in on the action.

The “Best Nine” collage group a user’s nine most popular images, arranged in a three-by-three grid.

However, the ability to create a Best Nine Of 2017 is not built into Instagram itself. Instead, it’s the work of a third-party website. is a dedicated site for creating these popular collages. 

To make your own, simply navigate to the website, enter your Instagram handle in the designated box, and hit Enter. That’s it.

You aren’t even required to login, since the number of likes your photographs receive is public.

The website will create the three-by-three grid of images, as well as show you the total number of photos you’ve posted in 2017, and how many Likes they’ve generated.

Be warned – this process can take some time (up to 10 minutes) because of the website’s popularity at this time of year.

If you have your Instagram profile set to private, you’ll need to temporarily change it to public to create the collage – then swap it back.

Alternatively, you can create your own image using the Instagram’s own Layout app to photos into a grid.

If you’re creating your own “Best Of Nine”, you aren’t beholden to the most liked photos.

Instead, you have the option to pick slightly less popular pictures that you prefer.