Rula Lenska: My six best books

GONE WITH THE WIND by Margaret Mitchell 

Pan, £10.99 

The first book I fell in love with. I’ve always loved huge sagas and this is romantic and beautifully written. 

I saw the film as a young girl, growing up wanting to become an actress. It was almost as good as the book. 

HIMALAYA by Michael Palin 

Out of print 

I love Palin’s travel books. I’ve trekked in the foothills of the Himalayas and know a little about the people he talks about. 

He has a delicious sense of humour and an ability to get local people to talk about their traditions. 

My dream is to do a travel programme with him.

MISERY by Stephen King

Hodder, £8.99 

I have played in Misery on stage. It’s one of the most terrifying of all his amazing thrillers, where an unbalanced woman rescues a writer and makes him a prisoner. 

Perversely I rather like being frightened. My sister and I love curling up in front of a horror film. 

WOLF HALL by Hilary Mantel

Fourth Estate, £9.99 

I’ve always loved “faction” stories about history. 

She is an extraordinary writer who makes you feel in the moment: she describes the light, the dark, the dirt, the romance, the threats. 

Coming to the end, I allowed myself 10 pages a day because I didn’t want it to finish. 


Bantam, £9.99 

A series about Boudica, all to do with betrayal and love, with detailed descriptions of the battles with Rome. 

I was transported into a world I knew nothing about. I got into these when my daughter gave me a book-club membership. 


Simon & Schuster, £9.99 

This blew my mind. I went with a friend to see Girl From The North Country in the West End, which uses Dylan’s music, and my friend gave me this afterwards. 

I’d never been a huge fan of his singing but it’s moving and informative about how he became who he is.