North Korea WARNING: China WON’T stop WW3 threat because refusal to trade with Trump ally

’s threat will continue to rise because of ’s interests in trading with the rogue state, said Korean expert Dr Seung-Young Kim. 

In an exclusive interview with, the University of Sheffield Professor said that China will never wish for the collapse of ’s regime or it would have to accept selling oil to South Korea.

Dr Kim said: “The major countries neighbouring North Korea, they don’t share a diplomatic strategy to stop North Korea’s pursuit of nuclear weapons because they have some other interests too.

“Although they all stated that they are pursuing denuclearisation of all of the Korean peninsula, including North Korea, and also they don’t want to see the development of nuclear weapons in South Korea either, the primary goal of China is to maintain stability in the intercepting border with North Korea.

“In other words, China does not want to see a sudden collapse of the North Korean regime because that would mean China would be sharing oil with an America ally, South Korea, which will eventually be unified with North Korea once the regime collapses. 

“So China does not fully participate and does not wish to implement really biting economic sanctions or apply pressure that will lead to the North Korean collapse.”

Brigadier General Anthony Tata told Fox News North Korea is being used as a buffer by China between the West and their border. 

His comments came after US satellite images showed Chinese tankers transferring fuel to North Korea ships 30 times in three months despite UN sanctions prohibiting countries from trading with Kim Jong-un.

Mr Tata said: “Well China, normally when they agree with us, they abstain from a UN vote and now they are trying to put a good face forward on this.

“I think but about a year ago they had a 28 percent increase in trade with North Korea and I think they’re probably feeling a little bit of a sting.

“They’re probably funnelling things to North Korea that they shouldn’t and they’re fighting a proxy war with us through North Korea.

“They don’t want to lose that North Korea buffer between the West and their border.”