Odd news: Top 10 facts about the strangest news stories

1. Eight donkeys were jailed in India after eating some very expensive plants outside a jail. 

2. A flight from Shanghai was delayed after a woman threw coins into its engine “for good luck”. 

3. A man arrested on a drugs charge in Minnesota gave the officer a Monopoly “get out of jail free” card. He is said to have carried it “just in case”. 

4. The British Embassy in Jordan has appointed a cat named Lawrence of Abdoun as chief mouser. He is said to be the embassy’s first diplo-cat. 

5. Following the vote in the UK to name a ship Boaty McBoatface, New South Wales has named a Sydney harbour ferry Ferry McFerryface… 

6. …while Sweden has named a train between Stockholm and Gothenburg Trainy McTrainface.

7. Scientists have calculated that spiders may eat twice as much prey as humans, 400-800 tons a year. 

8. Research has shown that frying fatty foods may slow global warming by aiding cloud formation. 

9. The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster has been banned from advertising itself on roads to Berlin as it is not a religious community.

10. A robot that can be hired to recite funeral rites was unveiled at Tokyo’s Life Ending Funeral Expo.