Fortnite Battle Royale UPDATE: Epic gets down with new PS4 and Xbox One changes

Fortnite Battle Royale recently saw the launch of a new weapon and mode, both of which are seeing changes made this week.

Having released the Boogie Bomb last week on PS4, Xbox One and PC, Epic Games are now looking to make some tweaks.

According to the development team, there’s been plenty of feedback on how to make it better, with a few adjustments being made today.

“We’ve gotten a lot of passionate feedback regarding the Boogie Bomb over the last few days and I wanted to give a quick update,” a message from the Fortnite support reads.

“As most of you have mentioned, its effect has been a bit stronger than we expected.

“In the short-term, we’re going to reduce the effect of the dance to 5 seconds. 

“We don’t think this is going to be a silver bullet, but it should help alleviate some of the frustrations with its current implementation.”

There’s also a few other changes under consideration for the new throwable weapon, including:

  1. Remove the instant explosion, making it bounce and detonate like a normal grenade
  2. Have it create a ‘dance zone’, where the effect goes away if you leave the area
  3. Disable the dance effect when taking damage
  4. Allow players to build while dancing

One of the main tweaks Epic are looking to make to the weapon is to give the person being attacked by a Boogie Bomb the opportunity to respond.

Fans will have to wait and see how many of these changes listed above make it into the game for testing.

The Boogie Bomb will be available to try out in the High Explosives LTM, which is available December 28 to January 2.

There will be no downtime for the launch of the new mode, which includes these rules:

  • Weapons are limited to only … Snowball Launchers, Rocket Launchers and all types of Grenades.
  • Traps are disabled.
  • Regular consumables are still available.
  • Fortnite Battle Royale fans recently saw the launch of a new limited 50vs50 mode, which was launched earlier this month.
  • The 50vs50 limited run has now ended, with more experimental modes likely to pop up in the coming months.