Conor McGregor given advice by Joe Rogan as Malignaggi slams Notorious

Conor McGregor told to enjoy the fruits of his labour

UFC commentator Joe Rogan believes the promotion’s lightweight champion Conor McGregor should be allowed to reap the rewards of his hard work and not be rushed back into the Octagon.

“He’s on top of the world, look, let him enjoy this,” he said .

“He’s got plenty of time to come back to fighting. Just have fun man, stare at your watches, take Instagram pictures of your ****, who cares! 

“You’re the f***ing man. You made $100m (£73m) and you’re not even 30. Relax. 

“Do whatever the f**k you want, there’s no need to force him to fight.”

Conor McGregor slammed by Paulie Malignaggi

McGregor’s former sparring partner

“Again, it’s perception is reality. He know he has a lot these fans hanging on his every word because he’s a popular fighter,” Malignaggi told Express Sport.

“So a lot of these groupie fans that hang on his every word and everything he says, they take it as gospel. So if he says he won five rounds, then they’re going to say he won five rounds. 

“If he would’ve said he won all nine rounds there’s people that would’ve said he won all nine rounds. That’s how stupid these people are. 

“The reality of it is he’s just playing the game. He doesn’t even believe what he says. He’s playing a game. And again, perception is reality. If I say I won five then people are going to say I won five rounds. Because there’s enough people who wanted me to win that fight and they’re all groupies. “

Nate Diaz’s coach hints at trilogy fight

Nate Diaz’s boxing coach Richard Perez has seemingly hinted that a trilogy fight with McGregor could woo be in the offing.

On Boxing Day, Perez posted a series of pictures from McGregor vs Diaz 1, which headlined 196 in March 2016, to his official Instagram page.

One of the accompanying captions read: “Will do again ,the trilogy.”