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If you’ve been waiting for another Tesla truck, Elon Musk just promised they will begin building a new one “right after Model Y.”


Tesla’s got another big bruiser coming — and this one won’t just be for businesses.

The company will move on to build a pickup truck “right after” it’s done with the Model Y, CEO Elon Musk said in a tweet Wednesday, adding that he’s “dying” to make it.

That’s still some time away given Musk said the Model Y should go into production “aspirationally in late 2019.” In April, he also promised the pickup truck will be unveiled in “18 to 24 months.”

In a separate tweet, Musk added the truck should be “slightly bigger” than an F150 to accommodate a supposedly game-changing feature, although he didn’t elaborate on what that will be.

Musk’s tweet comes a little more than a month after Tesla unveiled its all-electric commercial Semi truck. This has drawn attention from the likes of logistics and transportation firms such as DHL, Titanium and UPS.

The Tesla Semi comes with just a few moving parts, burns no gas and theoretically won’t ever need its brakes replacing. It can cover 500 miles on a charge while carrying a load, and features an advanced version of Tesla’s Autopilot, which makes it one of the smartest trucks on the road.

CNET has reached out to Tesla for a comment.

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