The 28 best ARKit apps you can try right now – CNET

If tequila is not your thing, whiskey maker Macallan has an AR app for you. The Macallan 12 AR Experience is based off its touring AR gallery that uses Microsoft Hololens to create an interactive whiskey exhibit.

The iOS version is all about learning how your whiskey is made. To start the app, you aim your phone at a bottle — preferably Macallan, though it also worked with a bottle of water. 

And while it doesn’t have a charming miniature bartender like the Patrón app, it is more interactive. It lets you tap and move ingredients and flavor profiles for two of Macallan’s 12-year whiskeys: Double Cask 12 and Sherry Oak 12. This app is definitely aimed at helping whiskey drinkers take their palate to the next level.