Boxing Day RIOT: Thugs clash in front of horrified shoppers in Stratford Westfield City

Images of stewards attempting to control crowds have emerged as witnesses told there is no access from the station to the shopping centre.

Shoppers have described the atmosphere in the shopping centre today as “chaos”.

One woman wrote on Twitter: “Not entirely sure what happened at Westfield, whether it was a prank or gang fight but all I know is that was the most terrifying experience of my life. All I saw was a stampede of screaming people coming towards me & poor kids being trampled on.

Some shoppers claimed gangs were involved.

One woman said: “Please avoid Westfield Stratford shopping centre big chaos going on because of gang fight.”

Footage has emerged online of more than a dozen police officers and security guards forcing teenagers backwards.

“Not f***ng cool at all.”

The shopping centre was evacuated according to witnesses.

Stratford is open until 10pm on Boxing Day.