NASA astronauts watch ‘Star Wars: Last Jedi’ in space – CNET

Could there be a better place to watch adventures that take place in a galaxy far, far away? 

Astronauts aboard the International Space Station got their chance to watch “Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” NASA said, enjoying an an out-of-this-world movie night. 

Astronaut Mark Vande Hei tweeted out a photo of the orbital screening that showed five of the six members of the ISS crew in “bungee-cord chairs” and sporting drinks in bags. Not quite your typical night out at the local cineplex. 

Vande Hei didn’t identify the movie, noting only that it was a “science fiction flick.” However, fans might recognize a certain Poe Dameron on the screen.

Dan Huot, a NASA spokesman, confirmed in an email the film was”The Last Jedi.”

Crew members “typically get movies as digital files and can play them back on a laptop or a standard projector that is currently aboard,” Huot said earlier this month.

Fans offered up some fun reactions to the spacey screening.

Fittingly, three Star Wars droids, the Millennium Falcon and even the Death Star appear on a recent ISS mission patch.