Liverpool fans are fuming with Match of the Day for their analysis about Arsenal

Pundits Danny Murphy and Alan Shearer got stuck into the Reds for the way they collapsed at the Emirates.

Liverpool were cruising at 2-0 up before the Gunners fought back to score three goals in five minutes. It took a Roberto Firmino equaliser for Liverpool to salvage a point.

The Friday night clash was analysed on Saturday’s BBC show – but it left Reds supporters fuming.

Fan Brian Durand tweeted: “Nice of MOTD to in-depth analyse the Liverpool faults in ‘those’ 5 mins. No mention of how Wenger’s Arsenal were torn a new one for 90% of the game though…”

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Others rushed to reply to echo Brian’s sentiments.

One wrote: “Best thing to do with MOTD is watch it on delay and blitz the analysis.”

Another suggested: “Agenda. As always. But correct in what they said. Can switches off too easily.”

A fellow supporter simply replied: “Welcome to MOTD…..”

While one added: “Watching the US version of MOTD and they (rightly) called out Mignolet for being shambolic on the Xhaka goal but then went onto say Cech made a gallant effort on the Firmino goal! Both were horrendous goalkeeping and yet they try to paint Cech as a hero.”

But for some, the criticism was unjust.

One Liverpool fan defended the show and replied: “It’s not really relevant, we were 2-0 up and cruising, then we self collapsed again, an issue we have seen time and time again.”

Another pointed the finger of blame at the Liverpool defence.

“Have you thought that they think Liverpool could be onto something special if we resolve our clear, obvious & major flaws whereas Arsenal have much deeper/longer term issues?” he wrote.