Julian Assange Twitter DOWN – Wikileaks hacktivist ‘deletes account’ on Christmas

Twitter is Mr Assange’s most public means of communication with the world outside London’s Ecuadorian embassy – where he has been holed up for five years over fears he will be arrested the moment he sets foot out the door.

But the controversial figure’s account, @JulianAssange, mysteriously disappeared between 12-1am on Christmas Morning.

Mr Assange’s last tweet was on the 22nd December, leaving not hint as to why the account may have been removed.

His last post was a notable quote from the man himself, which read: “A knowledgeable public, is an empowered public, is a free public.”

The Wikileaks founder has made enemies of several world governments – including the US for leaking classified information and Spain for throwing his weight behind the Catalan independence movement.

Twitter users were quick to question whether the account had been deleted or removed.

One wrote: “It appears Julian Assange’s wasn’t suspended by twitter but was hacked and deleted.

“Who has the resources to hack him?

“Did they raid him? Is he alive?

“Those with secrets want him alive, if he dies the real dirt is released.”

So far there has been no word from Mr Assange following the mysterious deletion, or from the official Wikileaks account.

Another added: “In less than 24 hours the internet is about go absolutely insane if Julian Assange doesn’t show proof of life.”

However others were full of Christmas cheer over the loss of the controversial figure’s account.

One wrote” It’s a Christmas miracle!”

Another chimed in: “This wasn’t on my Christmas list, but I’ll take it.”