The One Show’s Alex Jones shares her unique Christmas plans

She has also appeared on a number of other programmes, including Strictly Come Dancing, Shop Well For Less? and Let’s Dance For Comic Relief. Alex, 40, who hails from Ammanford in Wales, lives with her husband Charlie Thomson and their 11-month-old son Edward (Teddy) in west London.

“This Christmas is going to be different from any other Christmas, because not only will it be Teddy’s first but we are also flying to New Zealand to spend the holidays with my husband’s family. 

“I took some convincing, as I love my traditional Christmas and this is the first time I won’t be going home to my family in Wales, but it’s only fair that Charlie’s parents get to see us and spend time with Teddy.

“We are staying in New Zealand for three weeks. Charlie is beside himself with excitement, as he hasn’t been home for years. It’s going to be summer over there, so it will be strange spending the day in a warmer climate, but it will be great catching up with everyone.”

“So on Christmas Eve, I will be on a plane. Travelling with an 11 month old for 26 hours should make for an interesting journey, so wish us luck! It will be lovely when we get there, though, as Charlie’s family are so looking forward to seeing us. Although we FaceTime each other all the time, there’s nothing like seeing family members in person and giving them a big hug. 

“We land in New Zealand at 6.30am on Christmas Day. Then we will be driving directly to my in-laws’ house and I will be having a large glass of sherry or whatever the equivalent is in New Zealand! 

“I’m really excited about marking Teddy’s first Christmas. I will try not to go overboard with presents for him, as he’s too young to appreciate it, plus I don’t want to lug it all back on the plane! But this year has been such a special year for us and having him in our lives is the icing on the cake. I’ve always loved Christmas and I want this time of year to be magical for Teddy as he grows up. 

“Our Boxing Day will be spent meeting up with relatives and friends and probably trying to shake off the jet lag!”