How to see which Russia-backed links you ‘liked’ on Facebook – CNET

Facebook has just made it easy for you to see if you ‘liked’ any accounts seeded by Russian agents.

A new tool that simply pastes into a browser reveals which content users of the social network may have unknowingly boosted as part of a Kremlin-linked campaign to interfere with the US presidential election. 

The tool lists accounts from Facebook or Instagram that you either liked or followed. It comes exactly a month after Facebook vowed to make connections to the Internet Research Agency troll farm more transparent.

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“We are taking action to be more transparent about the foreign interference in the 2016 US Elections,” Facebook said in an online post. “We’ve taken down fake accounts and Pages by the Internet Research Agency and have shared this information with Congress.”

Here’s how to check:

  1. Log in to Facebook in your browser
  2. Paste this link into the URL field:
  3. View the listed pages you interacted with, along with the date you liked or followed them
  4. Click the link on the same page to run the same check on Instagram 

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