eBay: Rare £2 coin with minting error selling for a fortune – can YOU spot the mistakes?

A £2 coin with two minting errors is selling on eBay for the princely sum of £175.

The seller, kaseon1967, has listed the coin on a Buy it now basis.

Describing the coin, the seller wrote: “St . Paul’s cathedral in London during the blitz , with headlights shining into the sky .

“Issued in 2005 to mark the 60th anniversary of the end of the world war 2.

“Two main errors on this coin circulated coin in good condition.

“The writing on the edge is upside down to the Queens head.

“The dots around the Queens head only go round some of the way a load missing around the bottom.”

Three people an hour are looking at the listing, making it a popular option.

The St Paul’s Cathedral £2 coin depicts the London landmark illuminated by searchlights and the value ‘Two Pounds’ above and the dates ‘1945-2005’ below.

Describing the design, designer Robert Etlderton said: “Its survival during the firebombing of London seemed such an iconic image.

“The coin more or less designed itself when I came across the image of St Paul’s lit up with the search beams in the shape of a V for Victory. A lot of credit should go to Sir Christopher Wren and the searchlight operators!”

This is not the only coin selling for a fortune online thanks to a minting error. Another eBay seller is hoping to cash in thanks to a rare £1 coin.

The coin is being sold by ‘smurfpt’ who is selling on a Buy it now basis for £10,000.

Describing the coin, the seller wrote on the listing: “The Queen has a full surround of extra or miss-strike ,(usually only a small amount or none).

“Please zoom and study pics as this is different, open to serious collector  offers. Nice circulated coin.”

The error on the coin is visible in the photos. The Queen’s silhouette has been struck inaccurately, and comes out of the circle onto the gold outline.