Quiz questions only one in 2000 people can answer: Visual puzzle will leave you confused

The quiz, shared on Playbuzz, is fiendishly difficult, with its creator claiming only one in 2000 people can pass it.

On the introduction to the quiz, the creator wrote: “Have you heard of Synesthesia? It’s a phenomenon of a sensory interplay when a person has a rare ability to “smell shapes”, “hear letters”, see numbers as colors and more.

“This sample test can determine whether you have this special skill.”

Appearing simple at first, the quiz gets more and more difficult to answer as you go through.

There are ten questions to complete in all, and each one shows a different visual puzzle.

Each square shows the numbers five and two jumbled in a seemingly random pattern.

But the number two’s are placed into a shape which players must identify from a multiple choice answer.

Once all the questions are complete, the score is revealed.

Those who get all ten correct are told: “You are 1 in 2,000! You were able to see all the special shapes and letters the 2’s formed among the 5’s.

“This means your brain is wired in a unique way which allows you to see, smell, feel and understand what most people can’t.

“You have the personality of an artist. You are adaptable, tactile, creative and observant.

“You’re a master improviser and you have a natural gut instinct that you can always trust. Either way, you’re unique and truly a breath of fresh air.”

Those who don’t get full marks are told: “You don’t seek attention and you are not concerned with being liked.

“You are comfortable in your own skin and always tell the truth – in the most polite and respectful way possible. You don’t like deceiving or tricking others and drama is the last thing on your mind.”