Buy an iPhone 8 on Sprint, get one free, until 2018 – CNET

For last-minute shoppers and deal-hounds alike, Sprint will give you a free iPhone 8 when you buy the phone using its Sprint Flex plan.

Or, if you’d rather take a $savings, you’ll be able to knock $300 off the bill of the same iPhone 8 or even an iPhone X when you trade in your old device. Those trade-in savings keep pace with November’s Black Friday deals, and with other carrier offers during this holiday crush.

The fine print on Sprint’s buy-one, get-one offer: 

  • iPhone 8 (64GB) for $29.17 per month
  • Second iPhone 8 costs $0 per month after a $29.17 bill credit is applied (within two bills)
  • Requires 18 months leases with two new lines of service or one new line and one upgrade
  • Offer lasts “for the rest of the year”
  • If you terminate early, you’ll have to pay the remaining balance (this is typical) 
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