World War 3 SHOCK warning: China ‘wants DEATH and is pushing South Korea over the edge’

Seoul opened fire on ships from on Tuesday as they illegally fished in South Korean waters. 

TruNews correspondent Zach Drew said China, North Korea’s only ally,  wants a war “to be sparked” amid claims it is training its civilian fisherman to be ready for conflict. 

Mr Drew said: “Whenever I read these stories it doesn’t seem like South Korea is pressuring China. It’s China that is pressuring South Korea. 

“Why is China trying to push South Korea over the edge? What I mean by that is, they weren’t looking for warning shots, they probably don’t care about these warning shots. 

“They were, it seems like, they wanted death. They wanted a war to be sparked.   

“China is pressuring South Korea in these waters to such a degree. 

“It’s kind of like, I imagine myself, getting in front of my brother when I was younger and taunting him in his face – not touching him but taunting and taunting him. Sooner or later he’s going to hit me.” 

Pastor Rick Wiles, founder of TruNews, warned China is training its civilian fisherman to engage in “naval warfare” against .

He said: “China has militarised their civilian fishing fleet. 

“They have trained the fishermen to engage in war for the sake of China if China goes to war.”

More than 40 boats were caught fishing inside South Korea’s exclusive economic zone off the west coast on Tuesday morning.

The coastguard first issued initial warnings to the crew, ordering them to leave the waters, but the six of the vessels instead challenged a patrol boat and the coastguard started firing warning shots at the ships, officials said.

Despite the gunshots, the Chinese ships still refused to leave.

The Coastguard then dispatched reinforcements and scared away the fishermen by firing M-60 machine guns and K-2 rifles among other weapons. 

The Chinese boats left the area at about 2:43am, five hours after the first warnings