Star Wars 8 Last Jedi: Daisy Ridley slams ‘sexist’ criticism of Rey

Back after The Force Awakens was released, a handful of fans used the term to describe her; meaning a female character for whom things come easily.

Speaking in an interview shared by YouTube account Jar Jar Abrams, she said: “I don’t buy the Mary Sue thing anyway. I find the term sexist in itself because it’s Mary Sue. I don’t think there’s a thing called Ryan Craig!

“When I was doing it, I never felt sure of what was going on. 

“It wasn’t like, ‘This is happening, and I’m so powerful and look at me go’.”

She added: “Essentially, all I found Rey trying to do in the first one was trying to do the right thing; like, she was trying to help BB-8 and then she’s trying to help Finn and now she’s trying to help the Resistance.

“It’s not a sort of self-centred power that she’s just exhibiting, because also she didn’t ask for anything in the first one.”

Rey went on to become a very popular addition to the Star Wars canon, and she features heavily in new movie The Last Jedi, out now.

She appears alongside Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker), John Boyega (Finn), Carrie Fisher (Leia Organa), Laura Dern (Vice Admiral Holdo), Oscar Isaac (Poe), Andy Serkis (Snoke), and many more.

Her most interesting scenes this time, however, are alongside Kylo Ren (Adam Driver), in the exploration of their Force connection.

Ridley is expected to return for Episode 9 in 2019, back under the direction of JJ Abrams.

Star Wars 8: The Last Jedi is out now.