PS4 PlayLink reviews: Are Knowledge is Power and Hidden Agenda perfect Xmas party games?

Sony’s PlayLink range recently launched with quirky quiz game That’s You, which is available right now on PlayStation Plus.

Controlled with smartphones and tablets,  PlayLink games are designed to be enjoyed in social situations, regardless of your skills with a DualShock.

The perfect games to play with friends and families at Christmas, the PlayLink range recently expanded with gritty cop drama Hidden Agenda, as well as colourful quiz-em-up Knowledge is Power.

Developed by the team behind the excellent Until Dawn, Hidden Agenda is a detective thriller in which players (ideally groups) attempt to track down the ‘Trapper’ killer.

Featuring a branching narrative where every choice matters, players vote on each decision and watch as the story unfolds in different directions. There’s even a competitive mode in which players have their own agendas and must try to manipulate their fellow detectives.

Knowledge is Power, on the other hand, is a gameshow-style multiple choice quiz game in which players compete to see who’s brainiest.

In an added twist, you can use Power Plays to make things difficult your opponent, forcing them to tap through ice or wipe away gunge before they can answer questions.

Are these PlayLink titles the perfect party games for Christmas? Check out our Hidden Agenda and Knowledge is Power pros and cons review gallery below…

Hidden Agenda REVIEW…

Following in the footsteps of Until Dawn and Heavy Rain, Hidden Agenda is surprisingly fun to play in groups. The Hidden Agenda mode is especially novel, and even when it’s obvious that you’re trying to steer things in one particular direction, attempting to manipulate your fellow players is a lot of fun.

The presentation, meanwhile, is excellent. Despite an occasionally disjointed script and a few dodgy animations, this is one seriously good looking game that oozes atmosphere.

The biggest problem I have with Hidden Agenda is that it takes itself far too seriously. Po-faced and lacking humour, it’s a far cry from Until Dawn, which was silly, self aware and far more entertaining.

Considering this is supposed to be a social game, it feels like the developers could have had more fun with it.

Still, if you’ve already burned through Until Dawn or want a bite-sized adventure that can be played by all, Hidden Agenda is an affordable option with bags of replayability.

Review score: 3/5 stars

Knowledge is Power REVIEW…

Knowledge is Power feels like a more obvious fit for the PlayLink range, featuring a quiz format that will be familiar to everyone.

The colourful presentation, silly characters and claymation art style screams fun, and the smartphone controls are more suited to non gamers.

The Power Play system is a great equaliser, giving players the chance to even things up by making life difficult for the quiz leader.

It’s just a shame that there’s not enough actual quizzing going on. 

Not only are the questions a bit too easy, but there’s too much wasted time between rounds and not enough questions over the course of a game.

Review score: 3/5 stars