Is Camilla Parker Bowles a princess? Charles’ wife is second highest ranking British woman

Camilla Parker Bowles is married to Prince Charles, and has been since 2005 when the couple finally tied the knot after a complicated history. 

The 70-year-old was previously married to Andrew Parker Bowles and has two children with him, named Tom and Laura.

Is Camilla Parker Bowles a princess? 

Camilla holds and most often uses the title of Duchess of Cornwall – and Prince Charles in the Duke of Cornwall.

This is a non-hereditary peerage held by the British Sovereign’s eldest son and heir, traditionally.

Other women to hold the title include wife of Henry VIII Catherine of Aragon.

Camilla Parker Bowles could use the title Princess of Wales if she wished, but avoids it. This is because it is associated with the late Princess Diana, who used it.

Camilla is referred to as Her Royal Highness, and it is thought she it set to take the title The Princess Consort when Charles becomes king.

However, she is entitled to become Queen legally. 

The Queen gave Camilla the titles as a wedding gift when she married Prince Charles, and another title was bestowed to her as an anniversary present.

Camilla received the highest female rank in the Royal Victorian Order on her seventh wedding anniversary. She is now a Dame Grand Cross.

Other women who hold this title include suffragette Gertrude Denman, Dehra Parker the longest serving woman MP in the Northern Ireland House of Commons and Mary Donaldson, who was the first female Lord Mayor of London.

When Camilla is with her husband Prince Charles she is the second-highest ranking woman in England after Her Majesty the Queen.

If she is not with Charles she falls behind Anne the Princess Royal and Princess Alexandra.

What is the difference between a princess and a duchess?

A princess is usually a daughter of granddaughter of a reigning monarch.

Women are also able to become princesses by marrying princes. Princesses married to princes can become queen later in life. However, Kate Middleton was not bestowed the title of princess on her marriage to Prince William, and it is not though Meghan Markle will have the title.

Duchesses are women married to dukes.