2017 review: The 12 best science and tech stories of the year

game screen

Technology: The ultimate player

AlphaGo has been going from strength to strength. In January, it emerged that DeepMind’s Go-playing AI had been lurking incognito in online Go tournaments and secretly beating some of the world’s top human players. And in May it beat Ke Jie, the world’s number one player, in Wuzhen, China. Finally, in October, DeepMind unveiled a new version that hones its considerable skills by playing against itself. Three days and 4.9 million games later, AlphaGo Zero is unbeatable.

Technology: GPS spoofing attack

Russia may be testing a new system for spoofing GPS, we revealed in August. The GPS on board a ship off the coast of Russia put it more than 32 kilometres away from where it really was. At least 20 ships were affected. It seems to be the first documented use of GPS misdirection.

Technology: Weaponised propaganda

Could Facebook really tip the balance in