Fury as Nativity scene DESTROYED as ‘communist gang’ go on rampage

The Roman Catholic Dong Kieu church, in Vietnam’s Nghe An province, had displayed a series of objects depicting the birth of Jesus as a symbol of their faith.

However government authorities later told them to remove the display, claiming it was built on disputed land despite church officials claiming they had built the scene on church property.

Shortly after government officials levelled their demands, the site was ransacked by an alleged communist gang known as the “red flag group”, who smashed up festive lights and other religious items on the road leading to the church.

In defence of their Nativity scene, parishioners were joined by other nearby congregations to protect the display – while a group of priests led a special mass at the church.

One churchgoer said: ”We strongly oppose their illegal and unreasonable demand.”

Father Dominic Pham Xuan Ke, who accused the Red Flag Group of threatening violence over the nativity, claimed the police had failed to take action against the gang.

He said: “Why do authorities here ban erecting nativities?”

The communist government of Vietnam strictly controls faith groups in the country, however officials have begun to ease pressures on Christians in the country in recent years

Earlier this month US evangelist Franklin Graham managed to enter the country after a year of attempting to hold a Christian event in the nation’s capital, Hanoi.

He said: “”This is unprecedented really for us and for the government.

“We don’t want to do anything that would embarrass the government or the people of Vietnam. 

“We’re guests, the government has not told me what to say or not say. 

“I’m going to talk about God, we are not here to talk about politics.”

“The fact that we are here today and that I’m going to be preaching Friday and Saturday in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, that is huge. 

“It shows you how much the government has changed in the last 20 years.”