Weight loss diet: Add THESE ten foods to your shopping list to shift the Christmas pounds

Weight loss will be high on the agenda come January when the indulgences of the festive season are over.

However, with the abundance of advice out there, slimming down can seem a daunting prospect.

To add even more confusion, a number of celebrity-backed diets were this week criticised by the British Dietetics Association as being potentially harmful.

These included the raw vegan, alkaline, Pioppi and ketogenic eating regimes.

So, what should you really be eating in the new year for effective, sustainable weight loss?

Pippa Campbell, a nutritionist (pippacampbellhealth.com), has revealed to Express.co.uk the ten essential food items she always has stocked in her kitchen.

Nuts and seeds

“They are a powerhouse of nutrition and healthy fats, and are easy to carry in handbag,” Campbell said.

“They are also really filling so don’t leave you reaching for the carbs.”

Tins of mackerel and sardines in brine

“These fish are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids,” Campbell explained.

“They can be kept in my cupboard for months as a go to source of protein when my fridge is empty!  

“Protein is very important when you want to lose weight, especially as it helps keep you fuller for longer.”

Pea protein and whey protein powders 

These are another good way of ensuring you get enough protein.

Campbell also added they can be a good source of fuel if you are doing intermittent fasting – where you don’t eat 

and then do eat within specific windows.

Research has shown intermittent fasting can increase fat loss.

MCT oil

“I add this to my Bulletproof coffee – a mix of coffee, butter and oil,” said Campbell.

“MCT oil can boost the metabolism and increase energy and is also a great brain boost.” 


Campbell said she always has lots stacked in her fridge for her first meal of the day.

“They make a great protein breakfast to balance blood sugar levels so I don’t grab sweet things later on in the 

day,” she explained.

Rocket and watercress

Campbell noted these could help support detoxification, since “an important part of weight loss is making sure 

your detox pathways are working well and rocket and watercress are extremely important or this”.

She suggested adding them to salads and sandwiches.


These can help prevent constipation, which could prevent you slimming down.

“Being constipated can cause toxins to re-enter your system, which can prevent weight loss,” she warned.

“Try adding a handful of flaxseeds to a protein-rich smoothie in the morning.”

Dark sugar-free chocolate

It is important to not deny yourself all sweet things in January, said Campbell.

“A few squares of low sugar dark chocolate with a high-cacao content it a great little treat that won’t ruin a good weight loss plan,” she explained.

Non-starchy vegetables like spinach

“They look like a lot of food on your plate and so you often believe you’ve eaten more than you have,” said Campbell.

“They are also a brilliant way to boost the nutrient content of a meal.”

Starchy vegetables to replace bread and pasta

“They really fill you up, but don’t leave you feeling sluggish and have a far great nutritional profile than bread or pasta,” she explained.