‘BEGGAR!’ North Korea warns Seoul after president visits China amid World War 3 fears

The rogue regime’s official newspaper billed Ban Ki-moon’s visit “a worthless trip of a beggar trying to get rid of the international isolation caused by his policy of toeing the US line”.

Pyongyang also accused the South Korean leader of “escalating confrontation with the fellow countrymen through strengthened cooperation with the foreign forces in the anti-DPRK sanction and pressure racket”.

Mr Moon spent four days in China for talks with Xi Jinping.

The pair agreed to four principals for handling North Korea and resolving the rapidly escalating nuclear tension.

They agreed on no tolerance for war on the peninsula, a firm resolve to denuclearisation, resolution to be achieved through negotiations and a recognition that improved inter-Korean ties will further efforts toward a peaceful outcome.

The comments come as Pyongyang has vowed to become the “world’s most powerful nuclear and military state” as UN sanctions and threats from Donald Trump do nothing to stop the efforts of Kim Jong-un.

The hermit state has announced it is hurtling towards a fully fledged nuclear weapons programme and will not be stopped by China imposing sanctions which are strangling the nation’s economy.

North Korea’s Permanent Representative Ja Song-nam told the UN Security Council Jong-Un will not be stopped.

Referencing the “two fronts” plan, the representative said the North’s blueprint for success lies in nuclear power and a strong economy.

He said: “(Pyongyang) Will march forward and make great advancement victoriously as world’s most powerful nuclear and military state upholding the line on simultaneous development of the Two Fronts.”

North Korea has continuously sparked fears of the outbreak of World War 3 as Kim Jong-un refuses to give up his ambitions to become the “world’s strongest nuclear power”.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said: “The US will use all measures necessary to defend itself.

“We will meanwhile keep our channels of communication open.”

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned the Security Council: “The situation on the Korean Peninsula is the most tense and dangerous peace and security issue in the world today.”