Watch Portal’s GLaDOS sing about the electromagnetic spectrum – CNET

The last time we saw GLaDOS, the delightfully murderous artificial intelligence who steals every scene in Valve’s space-bending Portal video games, she’d become a humble media server at NASA

Wait, that’s not how you remember it? Perhaps that’s because you missed this pitch-perfect parody created by NASA’s educational outreach division in 2014, where real GLaDOS voice actress Ellen McLain reprised her role to teach us the difference between fission and fusion.

Now, three years later, GLaDOS (or rather NOTGLaDOS, the NASA Official Talking General Leisure and Diversion Operational Server) is back. She still needs internet access to launch her diabolical schemes, and she’s found another sap to convince: “Dave,” played by Ed Wasser, who you might remember as Mr. Morden from ’90s sci-fi epic Babylon 5 — which, incidentally, became totally free to stream in the US this year. 

Here’s the part where I’d normally say this video should help tide you over until the next Portal game… but we all know that Valve can’t count to three.

Here’s NASA’s original parody from 2014: