SNES Classic Mini update – Stock available to buy NOW from Tesco Direct

UPDATE ONE: SNES Classic Mini stock is still available to buy from Tesco Direct more than an hour after it first became available to buy.

The SNES Classic Mini came back in stock at the online retailer around 11.37am GMT, according to Stock Informer.

SNES Classic Mini stock usually gets snapped up in a matter of minutes, but more than an hour and a half after it first became available it’s still available to buy.

ORIGINAL: The Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Edition is available to buy today from Tesco Direct, with the online retailer getting more stock ahead of Christmas.

Tesco Direct are selling the SNES Classic Mini for £79.99 just a few days after their last stock refresh.

The online retailer opened orders for the SNES Classic Mini on Saturday and also on Friday.

While had SNES Classic Mini stock also available on Friday, their first stock refresh in two months.

SNES Classic Mini stock usually gets snapped up in a matter of minutes, so if you want to bag a pint-sized console you better act fast.

If you’re a Clubcard member, you will earn 79 points from your purchase of a SNES Classic Mini from Tesco Direct.

It’s the cheapest price you can currently get the SNES Classic Mini for online, and one of the few stores with stock available at the moment.

Simply Games are also selling the SNES Classic Mini, but have the pint-sized console priced at £119.99.

The news comes after SNES Classic Mini fans got another stock boost, with the Amazon Treasure Truck delivering the Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Edition to cities in the UK.

The Treasure Truck, which is designed to look like a classic funfair attraction, only contains one exclusive product or deal each time it arrives at a given location.

And the mini Super Nintendo is the first product to be sold through the Amazon Treasure Truck, where it can be picked up for £69.99.

Customers must order the SNES Mini Classic through the Amazon app, before collecting from the Treasure Truck at Charing Cross Station in London or 127 Portland Street in Manchester.

Orders must be collected by 5pm UK time, so customers will need to be quick.

“The lucky Treasure Truck customers who have purchased their console via the Amazon app can meet the truck, pick up their order and enjoy truckloads of surprise fun,” reads an Amazon statement.


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