Avengers Infinity War: THIS character WON’T die – confirmed scene in sequel

Scarlett Johansson – who plays Black Widow – has given an interview in which she spoke about watching Mark Ruffalo shooting a scene with Brie Larson.

Larson will be making her MCU debut in Infinity War follow-up Avengers 4, meaning Ruffalo’s Hulk/Bruce Banner will make it at least until then.

Johansson told Vanity Fair: “We have Brie Larson on this film. She’s here before shooting the stand-alone Captain Marvel movie so we get to watch her get her feet wet for real. 

“She’s so great, but a really cute thing happened the other day where Hulk is standing next to her and Joe Russo told her to put her hand in front of Mark [Ruffalo]’s face to stop him, and she’s like, “In front of his face?” 

“And they explained, ‘that’s where his chest is,’and she looks up and yells, ‘I’m new! I’m new!’ I’m like, ‘damn, girl.’ 

“It’s very surreal for me to watch these new cast members come in and get their feet wet and breath new life into these characters who are so iconic.”

Larson is thought to be making her Marvel bow in Avengers 4 before she starts work on her own standalone movie.

Ben Mendelsohn, Samuel L Jackson and Jude Law are all expected to join her in the latter, which is expected out in 2019.

Avengers Infinity War lands next spring on a wave of hype, with last week’s trailer going down a storm amongst fans.

The likes of Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr), Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner), Bucky (Sebastian Stan) and even Black Widow have been touted as possible fatalities.

Avengers Infinity War is out on April 27 in the UK.