Avengers Infinity War trailer shows Tony Stark is NOT Iron Man any more?

The movie’s directors have warned fans to expect some major losses as the franchise reaches its staggering climax.

Fans are already speculating whether the trailer actually shows the moments before Vision and Spider-Man are killed. Other major heroes are expected to have a change of face as new characters take over their mantle.

It’s already clear that Steve Rogers has laid down Captain America’s shield and will move forward as his comicbook alter-ego Nomad.

Is Tony Stark doing the same?

Tony Stark seems to be mainly in New York in Infinity War. He is shown at Doctor Strange’s New York Sanctum and again on the streets looking up in horror at the huge portal in the sky. In neither scene is he suited up as Iron Man.

Why not call his own armour to him when he summons the Hulkbuster? Surely there is enough peril about to warrant suiting up?

Likewise in Stark’s most powerful and emotional moment in the trailer. He is shown looking devastated and tearful amid wreckage.

He is holding someone’s hand, which is likely to be either Spider-Man or Vision. The scene looks like Stark is mourning the loss of someone very dear to him. Either character would qualify.

Why isn’t he dressed as Iron Man?

The world is facing the greatest threat in its history and one of its most important defenders is not armed. It seems very suspicious.

Has Tony Stark already ceased to be Iron Man? If so, who will take his place?