UK weather: Yellow weather warnings issued as rain, wind and SNOW bombard Britain

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Yellow weather warnings have been issued as rain, wind and snow bombard Britain

Heavy snow is forecast for Scotland with up to five centimetres of snow predicted by the Met Office.

Meteorologist Alex Deakin said: “The risk of some snow likely across parts of northern Scotland, initially over hills but coming down to lower levels.

“Two to five centimetres of snow, maybe much more than that over the hills here and again the potential for disruption to transport from that.

“Heavy for much of Wednesday in parts of southern Scotland, northern England and much of Wales too.

“That rain could cause some problems as it builds up through the day 25 to 50 millimetres of rain in some places. Maybe over the hills as much as 100 millimetres of rain, that could cause some flooding problems.

“Next, the winds, picking up overnight and strengthening throughout Wednesday across pretty much all of England and Wales.

“Gusts of 40 to maybe 45 possibly 50 miles per hour, even in land. Around coasts and over hills gusts of 65 to maybe 75 miles per hour could cause some travel disruption.”

Wednesday will start off with blustery conditions but will be milder than Tuesday with temperatures set to reach highs of 15 degrees Celsius.

The Met Office stated: “A much dryer day in northern Scotland on Wednesday compared to Tuesday.

“But elsewhere it’s going to be very blustery, a gusty day for all of England and Wales and we will see some heavy rain, persistent in the zone across parts of southern Scotland, northern England and Wales.

“The rain may steadily ease through the day in Northern Ireland.

“Again the winds a big feature, very gusty conditions and continuing to bring the mild air up from the south.

“Temperatures could reach 14 or 15 if we see some sunny spells across parts of East Anglia and the south-east.

“Still much colder than that across northern parts of Scotland.

“That is one of the extra hazards then as the wet weather pushes northwards, it hits that cold air in northern Scotland on Wednesday night and particularly through the course of Thursday morning where we could start to see some heavy snowfall initially over the hills, but coming down to lower levels.”

As Thursday continues, the rain will ease in the south with glimpses of sunshine set to arrive intermittently before temperatures plunge into the weekend.

The Met Office added: “Further south the rain will ease perhaps a little and the winds will still be a future but gradually easing through Thursday morning.

“For many Thursday morning will see some sunshine but then showers will sweep in from the west and we’ll still have that snowfall across parts of northern Scotland.

“Temperature wise, it will be a much colder, fresher feel for many parts of the UK.

“So a wet and windy spell giving way by the end of the week to a colder spell of weather for all of us.”

In addition to a number of road incidents on Wednesday morning, the trio of weather warnings are set to cause travel chaos that will develop as the day continues.

A road is partially blocked due to an accident on the A4201 Regent Street northbound at New Burlington Street.

Restrictions have been imposed due to strong winds on the M48 westbound between J1 B4461 and J2 A466 Newhouse Roundabout.

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The trio of weather warnings are set to cause travel chaos that will develop as the day continues

New Inn Road both ways between the A48 By Pass Road and the B4265 Ewenny Road is closed due to flooding.

A road is closed due to emergency repairs and a burst water main on the A38 Foregate Street northbound between B4205 Sansome Street and A449 Castle Street.

Two lorries have been involved in an accident on the M1 northbound between J15A North Roundabout and J16 A4500 Weedon Road that has resulted in a road closure – a detour is currently in operation.

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Scotland could see as much as five centimetres of snow

One lane is closed due to recovery work and a vehicle fire on the M6 northbound between J24 A58 Liverpool Road and J25 A49.

A road is closed due to flooding on Moorside both ways between Cross Lane and Carr Lane – the incident is affecting traffic heading between Kirkham and Wharles.

Travellers are being urged to approach with care due to strong winds on the A90 both ways between the A904 Builyeon Road and B981.