Stop BLACKMAILING Britain! ’Reckless’ Brussels and Dublin blasted over Brexit demands

Leader of the DUP, Arlene Foster, issued a statement on Monday night just days after Ireland’s taoiseach said the country would block progress in the EU-UK talks if Westminster did not come up with proposals to avoid a hard border with Northern Ireland. 

Ms Foster accused Brussels and Dublin of “recklessly trying to use Northern Ireland for their own objectives”.

She said: “The people of Northern Ireland delivered peace and stability.

“Yes, they were supported beyond these shores, but to suggest that exiting the EU will bring violence onto our streets is downright careless.

“Those in Dublin and Brussels, recklessly trying to use Northern Ireland for their own objectives, should cease.

“The Prime Minister should warn Brussels that Northern Ireland must not be used as blackmail.”

The DUP is keeping Mrs May in power at Westminster after she needed her party’s help when the Conservatives only won the snap election with a minority government.

The party, which was founded in 1971, secured a £1.5billion confidence and supply deal with Theresa May’s government. 

Ms Foster’s comments on Brexit come as EU bigwigs and the Dublin government have called for bespoke customs arrangements for Northern Ireland when the UK leaves the EU to enable the free-flow of goods across the Irish border. 

Ms Foster said: “Northern Ireland will exit the EU on the same terms as the rest of the United Kingdom.

“We will not countenance a border on the Irish Sea. I welcome the Prime Minister’s commitment on this point.

“The GB market is not only critical for Northern Ireland but for the Republic of Ireland.

“We want to see a sensible arrangement that can work for all concerned.

“The democratic wishes of the British people must be implemented.”

MPs were told on Monday that civil servants did not have contingency plans for managing the Northern Irish border after Brexit. 

Ms Foster and her deputy Nigel Dodds are due to meet Prime Minister Theresa May today to discuss Brexit. 

Brussels has said it will not move to the second phase of Brexit talks with Britain until London provides additional detail of how it will guarantee that there be no hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland.