Violence on the streets of Paris as protesters rage against Macron for fifth day

Emmanuel Macron, who was lauded by the EU elite as the saviour of the European project, is struggling to maintain his grip on power just a few months into his reign.

This week the French President faced a mass revolt of 100 party members after they criticised his “broken promises and trust”. 

Following this, furious protesters took to the streets yesterday afternoon in an anti-Macron rally for the fifth consecutive day. 

Anti-Macron protesters confronted dozens of police while marching on the Elysee Palace in Paris, with a number of banks and businesses vandalised.

Footage of the protest showed a topless activist facing off with police, while others around her let off flares.

Those on the streets voiced their fury at the leader’s controversial labour reforms, due to take effect in January 2018. 

The new law will make it easier for businesses to hire and fire employees and reduce the power of the labour unions.

Mr Macron has been under increasing pressure in recent weeks, with approval ratings plunging and a sinking economy.

Even when the French leader went to Athens last month, he faced a series of violent protests as the tide against the pro-EU figure escalates.

Mr Macron has set his eyes on changes to pensions, training and university access next year, all of which will likely stir more trouble for the leader. 

The national demonstrations this week- which have taken place in more than 200 towns – have also seen transportation strikes throughout France.

This follows accusations from members of his own party that he “used” them as a tool to seize power. 

Among those to defect from the party was Michel Coste, in southern France, who announced that he would quit the party because decisions were coming “from the top” and that “trust had been broken”.