Justice League: Ben Affleck admits he could QUIT before solo The Batman movie

The actor was originally set to direct, write and star in the film but his involvement has gradually waned over the course of the year.

He has been replaced in the director’s chair by Matt Reeves, who is also starting the script from scratch.

Now, despite insisting previously that he would still play the iconic title role, it seems it’s still up in the air.

During promotion for Justice League, he told USA Today it’s “something I’m contemplating”.

“You don’t do it forever,” he added, “so I want to find a graceful and cool way to segue out of it.”

The film has taken so long to get truly up and running, it’s perhaps understandable for Affleck’s position to be changing.

Plus, with the reception to Justice League still yet to be fully realised, he could just be covering his bases.

Still, for now it’s the all-star blockbuster – out Friday – that’s dominating movie discussion.

Affleck said in an earlier interview that Batman and Wonder Woman will have “sexual tension”, while his character will have genuine tension with the Flash.

Early social media reactions have pointed towards a film that’s fun, if flawed.

Justice League is out on Friday, November 17.