North Korea missile test could release radioactive cloud over ENTIRE Pacific Ocean

If North Korea was to carry out a nuclear test over the Pacific Ocean it could destroy life for thousands of miles.

The Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organisation released a simulation which shows a nuclear cloud spreading for over two weeks towards Asia and the US.

The explosion, fire and radiation from a nuclear bomb test would obliterate aquatic life in the immediate vicinity of the test zone.

Furthermore, radioactive isotope, which would be aided by wind could harm life, including human, thousands of miles from the test zone.

North Korea and the US have been seemingly on the brink iof nuclear war in recent times, and President Donald Trump recently labelled the hermit kingdom a “menace threatening the world with nuclear devastation” during a speech in Seoul this week.

The President attacked the regime of despot leader Kim Jong-un and called on “all responsible nations” to come together to halt the nuclear threat from the rogue state.

He said: “The world cannot tolerate the menace of a rogue regime that threatens it with nuclear devastation.

“All responsible nations must join forces to isolate the brutal regime of North Korea-to deny it any form of support.

“The North Korean regime has pursued its nuclear and ballistic missile programmes in defiance of every assurance, agreement and commitment it has made to the United States and its allies.

“It’s broken all of those commitments.”

Experts fear Kim could make his biggest statement yet by firing the so-called “Juche bird” – a fearful H-bomb – during Mr Trump’s visit to Asia.

North Korea frequently arranges its missile tests to coincide with major international meetings and the President’s visit could be the perfect opportunity for the rogue state.

Joshua Pollack of RUSI said North Korea could fire the weapon in a desperate show of force against the United States and its allies.

Mr Pollack said: “North Korean leadership undoubtedly feels pushed into a corner.

“The logical sequence of actions would be to start testing them to full range into the Pacific and then to use one for a live nuclear test if it is deemed necessary to convince America’s leaders that a new reality has emerged.”