Trump health concerns: US president only sleeps FOUR HOURS a night

The US President only sleeps four hours a night, which is worryingly half the amount adults are recommended. 

The chief global strategist at Horizon Investments, Greg Valliere, described Trump as at least “50 pounds overweight”.

Although Mr Trump exercises when he plays golf, he uses a cart for his clubs and was seen struggling to walk up a hill during the last G-10 meeting. 

People who have played golf with the President have revealed that the rounds do not provide much aerobic exercise. 

Former Sports Illustrated columnist Rick Reilly said: “And when you drive on the greens, you do even less walking.”

A Secret Service agent told Mr Valliere that he had never seen anyone with worse dietary habits and “never saw him eat a piece of fruit”. 

The septuagenarian’s preferred diet is reportedly based on steaks, cheeseburgers and chips. 

Mr Valliere said to CNBC: “He has not, to our knowledge, had a physical in over a year, or if he has, the results have not been disclosed.

“We would reiterate that we wish Donald Trump a long and healthy life.

“But there are serious danger signs, and we hope the president and his family will address them.” 

Although the President does not drink or smoke, he frequently drinks diet coke and eats from fast food outlets, including KFC an McDonald’s. 

Mr Trump is the oldest elected president in US history and he turned 71 in June.