Star Wars 8: Rey does NOT fight Luke – THREE huge pieces of PROOF

The recent rush of trailers, teaser, international trailers, TV spots and behind-the-scenes footage have excited and confused in equal measure.

They very clearly seem to indicate huge confrontations between Rey and Luke, Rey and Kylo Ren plus Snoek and Kylo Ren.

The biggest frenzy was ignited at the thought that Rey would battle her former (and rather short-lived) master and possibly turn to the Dark Side.

The trailers even showed her with her lightsaber raised above a cowering Luke.

Or did they?

There are three massive pieces of evidence which pretty much debunk this very clever piece of misdirection.

1. Where’s the blue glow?

Rey is shown igniting the Skywalker lightsaber, sparks fly and the iconic blue glow washes over the scene. Except Luke, who we’re supposed to believe is on the ground in front of her, is in shadows. No blue light in sight.

They are clearly shots from two different scenes.

2. Rain, rain go away.

Rey strikes a very dramatic figure with her glowing weapon held aloft, rain streaming down her face and beautifully lit by the glowing lightsaber.

Luke possibly seems a little damp or sweaty, but is clearly not in the same torrential downpour. Is this the scene from the burning temple in the Force back vision instead?

3. Gender bender

Luke speaks the chilling line to his attacker: “This is not going to go the way you think.”

An eagle-eyed fan spotted the Taiwanese subtitles for this scene on the International trailer. The language has gender-specific pronouns and the “you” in tis case in masculine.

Luke is speaking to a man. Unless Star Wars is about to pull the biggest shock reveal of all time, this is the final propf that Luke and Rey are in two totally different scenes.