North Korea told to END nuclear missile tests or face ‘unpredictable’ Donald Trump

A spokeswoman for Germany’s foreign ministry told a regular news conference US foreign policy under the current president had become “unpredictable”, including in areas like trade policy.

She added rhetoric towards Pyongyang has undergone sharp shifts in recent days.

The spokeswoman said Kim Jong-un must listen to Mr Trump just hours after he warned North Korea its “rogue regime” was in “grave danger”.

President Trump arrived in China on Wednesday seeking help to rein in North Korea after warning Kim leader the nuclear weapons he is developing “are not making you safer, they are putting your regime in grave danger”.

Mr Trump used some of his toughest language yet against North Korea in a wide-ranging address in Seoul that lodged specific accusations of chilling human rights abuses. 

He called on countries around the world to isolate Pyongyang by denying it “any form of support, supply or acceptance.”

“Do not underestimate us and do not try us,” Trump told North Korea as he wrapped up a visit to South Korea with a speech to the National Assembly before heading to Beijing, where he was making his first official visit.

Mr Trump painted a dystopian picture of the reclusive North, saying people were suffering in “gulags” and some bribed government officials to work as “slaves” overseas rather than live under the government at home. He offered no evidence to support those accusations.

Trump’s return to harsh, uncompromising language against North Korea came a day after he appeared to dial back the bellicose rhetoric that had fueled fears across east Asia of the risk of military conflict. On Tuesday, Trump had even offered a diplomatic opening to Pyongyang to “make a deal.”

He went mostly on the attack in Wednesday’s speech but did promise a “path to a much better future” for North Korea if it stopped developing ballistic missiles and agreed to “complete, verifiable and total denuclearization” – something Pyongyang has vowed never to do.

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